It Never Gets Old

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This coming week is a busy one, full of obscure and awesome kinks that I don’t often get to explore.

I think I was originally attracted to BDSM because of A)the cartoon “She-Ra”, which is screening on Netflix right now and which utterly rife with nods to fetish culture (so much that you will probably laugh watching it as an adult) and B)I like that BDSM is ethical but not “moral”, if you get what I mean. Any activity which takes place between two competent, consenting adults is GREAT. BDSM allows me to deviate from what I know, from binary Good & Evil, and to explore things that most people leave to float or fester in their subconscious. I need to know how everything feels and I like to facilitate this accomplishment in others. I have an analytical nature, and also a constant desire to test boundaries and push against the norm.

BDSM is my outlet for this, and you, dear reader can be my little subject if you wish. Just make the call or send an email. Tell me what it is that preoccupies your filthy mind. I’m not here to make you better about it. That’s what a therapist does. I’m here so you can LIVE IT OUT, because I believe sexuality is almost infinitely complex and sometimes those inner conflicts and complications just make everything hotter. I know you agree.