Haggling is rude. Be Cheap, and get blocked.

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Most of my regulars are just the most docile, generous, and loyal little loves. I am their One True Goddess, and they treat me as such: spoiling, worshiping, and obeying Mistress Eden as they were born to do.

However, since my transition from brunette to blonde, it seems a few penny-pinching kinksters are mistaking me for a newbie, so this a reminder that I’ve been in the pro-BDSM world for a decade. I know a lot and have worked with the best in Montreal (Miss you, Mistress Lori!). My tribute reflects this.

I understand the urge to try and negotiate a deal when you really want to experience something, but I won’t compromise. My time is a privilege-not a right.

That being said, the more compliant, giving, and loyal you are, the more of Mistress you get to experience. I’ll let some slaves take me for dinner or drinks when the respect and chemistry are there. Generosity is a huge turn on. Hagglers are wasting my time, and I block their numbers. IMG_2651