About Ms. Eden

Welcome to the luxurious and exciting world of Ms. Eden.

Since 2007 I have been providing my exemplary domination and fetish fulfillment services in Montreal.

When searching for a Dominatrix one must be particular, keeping in mind beauty and intelligence, empathy and resolve. I am every submissive’s dream of the Goddess who embodies all of these essential qualities. A session with me is a journey into the darkest, most forbidden recesses of your psyche – all things secret and taboo are brought to the light and realized in the flesh by my omnipotent hand. Every desire you’ve had to hide is celebrated in the playground of my presence. Every safety measure is taken to ensure your continued good health. Every necessary communication regarding preferences and limits is take into account, to ensure that each session I share is a positive experience for Dominant and submissive.

People frequently ask me about my “specialties”, and my only response is that each session I share with a slave is individual. You can refer to my “Activities” page to see exactly what I will and will not do, but rest assured, if I offer a service I enjoy it immensely. Domination is first and foremost a psychological kick for Mistress.
Given my experience, however, I have ample experience in almost every imaginable fetish, ranging from light to extreme,  and will passionately indulge your desires if they are communicated concisely and respectfully. With beginners, I am happy to help you articulate your needs and explore various options with you until our perfect formula is achieved. The service I provide is a luxury, and this is reflected in my willingness to provide you with an unforgettable Domination experience.

I am among the best and most experienced in my field, and therefore accept appointments with only the most respectful and clean submissives, in the form of sessions which take place in the hygienic and well-equipped location of my choosing. Expect to be greeted with warmth and openness in the moments leading up to the agreed-upon activities, but be mentally prepared to succumb completely to my desires and whims, as I am The True Dominant, and will always maintain full control (within our previously-set parameters) during my sessions. You will relinquish your mind and body to Me, and leave feeling satisfied and spent. However, do not be surprised if you feel an insatiable urge to be in my presence again within days of our first encounter. I rarely see a sub one time: they always call back, begging to be used and pleasurably abused again.